WDR/WD40 protein (WD40 Repeat domain) is the most abundant scaffold protein which bridge protein-protein interaction in human cell. Genes encode WD40 protein account for almost 1% of the human genome. Canonical WD40 protein forms a 6-8 blades beta-propeller structure. Each blade has four anti-parallel beta-sheet composed of ~40 amino acids. WDR protein can bind to other proteins with its central cavity, side surface, as well as clefts between two neighboring blades. WDR proteins are involved in diverse biological functions, including Histone modification, protein ubiquitination, protein degradation, cell cycle and proliferation, etc.. Dysregulation of WDR proteins are linked to many diseases, such as cancer, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegeneration, and viral infection, etc.. WDR proteins have conserved and well ordered 3-dimensional structures, and are considered as druggable proteins.

Blueray Biopharma is focused on discovery and development of inhibitor of disease relevant WDR proteins, especially those involved in protein ubiquitination, degradation, and oncogenesis. Blueray is determined to work through target validation, hits finding, lead generation and optimization, and deliver novel therapeutics to benefit patients with unmet medical needs.

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